OpenOffice Logo Dictionary Installer for Unix

A GTK+ and libcurl based installer for on Unix.

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The software is released under the LGPL.


OOodi releases can downloaded from the Sourceforge project page. The latest version is 0.68 of 8th April 2004.


In 9 languages.

OOodi Manual

The OOodi manual is included in all distributions. You can also read it online.

Activating Dictionaries in OOo

Lee Corbin has written an excellent guide to activating dictionaries with Window aficionados may like to check out Lee's DictInstall program.

Other stuff

OOODI Sourceforge project page OOodi download page. The main site. OOoDocs provides news, HOWTOs and the Windows Dictionary Installer. OOExtras provides a community repository for third party templates, macros, and a clip art image library. Quickstart applet for GNOME (ooqstart). Quickstart applet for KDE (ooqs). Dictionary files and documentation, maintained by Richard Holt and Kevin Hendricks. Dictionary Installer for Microsoft Windows.

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